About Us

Utah Based Company that puts Family First! We give flexible job opportunities to people seriously struggling to make ends meet. Our company hand-makes barefoot sandals the “Breezy Sole” and Boot Bracelets - anklets for boots. We carry over 250 Styles of pocket watches 925 sterling silver, $5 popular movie themed jewelry, foot supports for shoes, flat feet & plantar fasciitis and anxiety toys. We try to keep our prices low so everyone can afford the items we sell, and have something for EVERYONE, our items appeal to all ages, genders, and so on. We promote the Charity The Shoe That Grows based out of Idaho, that provides a pair of shoes for children in impoverished countries that need shoes to go to school, they grow 5 sizes and last up to 8 years they are very durable and only cost $15/pair www.theshoethatgrows.org I’m a mother of 4 that can no-longer have children so I have provided support and helped find employment for 8+ homeless men and women when nobody else would hold their hand ans help them off the streets.